Wildscreen Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival Film Programme

Sat 13 - Fri 26 October
Watershed, Bristol, BS1 5TX

The most prestigious and influential wildlife and environmental filmmaking event is back in Bristol, bringing you the Panda Award-winning and nominated films from around the globe.

As a gift to you there are more than 50 amazing wildlife film screenings in the Wildscreen Fringe Festival Film Programme you can watch for free by pre-booking your tickets online or at Watershed Box Office.

See the full screening programme.

Wildscreen Festival Presents: You’re Having A Giraffe - sponsored by BBC Earth

Mon 15 Oct, 8pm
St George’s, Bristol, BS1 5RR

Join us at the magnificent St George’s Bristol as our star studded guests battle it out in an action packed quest for quiz supremacy! This entertaining stroll down quiz lane will feature contestants from some of your favourite BBC wildlife programmes, with hostess Natalie Humphreys putting them through their paces. Who will be crowned supreme quiz champion? And who will slink off to lick their wounds? Join us and find out!

To book tickets please visit the St George's website.

Behind the Scenes with the Producers of 'North America' – sponsored by Discovery Channel, Discovery Networks International & Animal Planet

Wed 17 Oct, 7.30pm
Colston Hall, BS1 5AR

Embark on an epic journey to the wild lands of North America and discover the natural beauty, majesty and sheer diversity of this awe-inspiring continent through this exclusive first-look at this eight-part series accompanied by live music.

Stretching from the frozen polar ice cap to the steamy subtropics, North America is one of the most captivating continents on the planet. Employing cutting-edge technology formerly reserved for Hollywood blockbusters, Discovery and Wild Horizons Ltd capture the splendour of the North American landscape and its stunning array of wildlife, taking viewers on an unforgettable journey of discovery through some of the most iconic mountains, forests, deserts, plains, coasts and rivers on the planet.

This incredible evening will transport you into the heart, sights and sounds of North America, with breath-taking footage accompanied by music composed by BAFTA Award-winning Nicholas Hooper, also well-known for his Harry Potter film scores.

To book tickets please go to the Colston Hall website.

RED in the Wild

Join leading cinematographers for this hands-on look at RED EPIC, the film industry's leading high-end digital camera for wildlife cinematography. Tickets for this workshop are open to all, and can be purchased here.

Edit Clinics

Thomas Kelpie, Editor and Workflow Consultant at Icon Films, will be hosting an Edit Clinic as part of Wildscreen Festival. He will use his experience and expertise to help you with any Final Cut Pro technical queries.  Sessions are half an hour long and are on Tuesday 16th October. To book an appointment for the clinic, click here.


This autumn, after dark, the front of shops (and a museum) in the centre of Bristol will be transformed in to giant TV screens. Passers by will be confronted by luminous, moving images of rare and endangered animals that suddenly blaze across the windows… disappearing as quickly as they came.

For more information go to Glimpsed.org

Augmented Reality at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Augmented Reality Installations are still trending strong, and here is a great one from the BBC that’s been touring the US recently. To promote Frozen Planet the BBC teamed up with Appshaker, to create a highly realistic Augmented Reality installation that allows people to interact with some of the world’s most amazing creatures…

BBC Frozen Planet Augmented Reality, NJ, IL, CA - USA by Appshaker from Appshaker Ltd on Vimeo.